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Version 8.1.0



  • Combined Rooms. Combined Rooms are logical entities that allow the user to search for the availability of a predefined set of rooms. The capacity for the combined room can be configured from the Config database.
  • Copy to new previously required that you had Editor access to the calendar. You can now use this function even if you only have Reader access to the calendar. Further copy to new now also works for appointments and not just meetings.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of days in Out of Office was not shown correctly.
  • If a user attaches a 0-byte file this is now silently ignored instead of potentially causing an issue.
  • Three custom fields in have been added for Business Card Data, User Document, and the Name Format.


  • The layout and user friendliness of the OnTime Mobile has received a major overhaul in version 8.1. Some of the new main features are presented in the screenshots below and includes:
  • A menu has been added in the button to make it much easier to switch between the different modes:
    • Home
    • Polls
    • New (+). Events, polls, mails, and Shared Desk bookings
    • Out of Office
    • Search
  • The date and time picker has been modernised and made much easier to use from a touch device.
  • The design now better supports the never iPhone / iPads with more space in the bottom of the screen.
  • A select icon has been added to supplement using long press when selecting people, rooms, and resources.
  • "Help" has been added to the Main Menu which will launch OnTime Mobile YouTube videos.
  • Show all "attached" user images when click avatar in Business Card.
  • Show user access on Business card
  • The business card supports the three new Custom fields

Mobile_81_General_UI Version 8.1.0

The meeting polls add-on OnTime Pollarity is now a full citizen in the mobile client. This allows the user to create and maintain polls when you are on the go.


 Mobile_81_Polls Version 8.1.0

Out of Office was introduced in version 8.0. The design and the functionality have been aligned with all the improvements described above.

Mobile_81_OoO Version 8.1.0


  • The top bar now includes a question mark which will launch a YouTube Help video.
  • CSV export now includes EmployeeID.


  • The EmployeeID can now be added to display name and therefore be included in print.
  • Three custom fields in have been added for Business Card Data, User Document, and the Name Format.


  •  Correctly handle errors during Directory Display Group processing and skipping specific groups instead of exiting the process as such.



In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues.


  • Fixed an issue where ApplicationID was not added for the user was not added for first time login for mail-based authentication.
  • Fixed an issue where if accepting an invitation twice the host would receive an accept first and then a decline.
  • Fixed an issue where Out of Office was missing in the single person view until the view was refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where rescheduling an event which included a Notes Online Meeting would fail with an error if the meeting was originally created using the Notes client.
  • Fixed issues that related to custom email language settings for polls. The issues included incorrect notifications and mails.
  • Fixed several minor issues for Out of Office including some translations.
  • Fixing an issue where the photo avatar was missing the photo for Shared Desks when searching.
  • Fixed an issue in print where weekends were included even when not selected in the view.


  • Language in Settings was missing in some languages.


  • It is now possible to switch between All and comments only for Pollarity External voting in Mobile format.


  • Fixed an issue where print would be generated correctly.
  • Fixed several issues where when translated texts become too lengthy to fit the defined print format.


  • Fixed a concurrency issue that could occur if the admin process was running at same time as the servlet loaded.
  • Fixed a rare situation where deletion of temporary attachments would result in Excessive CPU utilisation / infinite loop at 100% on the Domino server.
  • Fixed an edge case in the fix images process during start-up.
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Zoom to authenticate due to API change from Zoom.
  • Handling if Data database is not able to open (performing consistency check) - System will wait and try reloading later.


  • Fixed an issue where ApplicationID was not added for the user was not added for first time login for mail-based authentication.


  • Now correctly updates the EmployeeID from the Domino directory when the source is not another database.
ontime_name Version 8.1.0

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