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Version 8.0.1



  • Dates selected as start and end date for an OoO request have been highlighted for clarity for the approver.
  • If user changes the width of the name column the change is now saved on a per view basis.


  • Added support for Location, Building, Floor in Find Room feature.
  • Added support for Shared Desks like in the Desktop version.
  • Approver selected for previous request is now stored as default for new requests.
  • The Start In options now includes "My Team", Last used Group and a specifically selected private group.


  • Global settings, removed legacy Cluster Crawler (IBM Smartcloud)


In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues


  • Fixed an issue where the viewer bars text had wrong calculation and would not show the subject even there was space enough.
  • In single person view the selected person always selects the active user when switching between DAYS and WEEKS
  • Fixed several minor issues for the Out of Office functionality


  • Fixed an issue after upgrade to iOS 15 where pages would not transition and would seem to be blank or unresponsive.
  • Fixed an issue on iOS where users would experience a denied view port zoom when double-click on Input icons.
  • Fixed several minor issues for the Out of Office functionality
  • Searching Room and selecting Building (or floor) showed no text in the values page


  • Night-time revalidation of Out of Office request between OnTime and personal calendars has been disabled until further. Currently validating whether the task uses excessive server resources.
  • Fixed an issue where newly created Room & Resources were not synchronised until a new entry was created.


ontime_name Version 8.0.1

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