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Version 7.8.0


OnTime_online_youtube2 Version 7.8.0


Included in 7.8 is the ability dynamically create native online meetings in either Microsoft Teams or Zoom. This feature is included in the license for all OnTime customers with current maintenance. The only prerequisite is your licensing of either MS Teams or Zoom. Meeting will be created from OnTime Desktop in Domino and will therefore be available from Notes, Verse or even iNotes. All versions of Notes, Verse or iNotes are supported. If you have not licensed all your OnTime users for Zoom or MS Teams you can control which users should see this new option.

So, with this there will be no more having to switch back and forth double-checking links and timeslots. Simply create your online meetings for MS Teams and Zoom from OnTime with the click of a button and send out invites faster than ever! Watch the video above to see it all in action. 



On popular request we have added a new dedicated mobile interface to the OnTime Catering solution. The mobile interface and its functionality are targeted at the staff responsible for the actual delivery of catering in the different serving locations.
 cateringmobile Version 7.8.0 



  • Added option to "Copy to new" from a meeting invitation.
  • Copy to new" event is now available from a user’s own events.
  • When scheduling a meeting or event you can now use the meetings that you as a user have configured from your Notes client.



In addition to the specific issues mentioned below, we have fixed some minor stability issues


  • Fixed an error that would occur if the Desktop were launched with a set of users selected in a temporary group.
  • Fixed an error which could occur when creating an entry and HTML had been disabled in application settings
  • Fixed an issue for using keyboard navigation (arrow up/down) e.g., for Categories
  • Fixed an issue that would occur if a user’s settings were set to "A Favourite Group" and that group has been deleted in OnTime
  • Fixed an issue where the description field seemed editable to users with read access. Readers could however not save their changes.
  • Fixed an issue where user images were missing when using IE 11 


  • Pollarity settings were erroneously available even if Pollarity was not licensed.
  • Pollarity was erroneously available as an "Additional Search Directory Source" even if Pollarity was not licensed.


  • Fixed an error that would be thrown if no canteen were defined.
  • Fixed an error that would be thrown if the last canteen were deleted. 
ontime_name Version 7.8.0

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