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Version 5.2.0



  • Added a "Select All" function in the viewer
  • Quick search dialogue has been translated to the languages supported
  • All dates for which an invitation is repeated are now avaialbale when accepting the invitation


OnTime Pollarity helps your organisation reduce the time needed to decide upon a common time slot for a meeting. This is achieved by polling the intended participants sending out meeting invitations. OnTime Pollarity is a new add-on in version 5.2 which includes:

  • Ability to manage polls from the OnTime browser interface (if Pollarity enabled in the license key)
  • A new Pollarity database which stores active polls
  • New mobile and external voting pages in the OnTime client database


In addition to the specific issues mentioned below we have fixed a number of minor stability issues


  • If All Day selected as default meeting type for a user, a meeting set to end the day before it starts issue has been fixed
  • Fixed  an issue where the date fields in Out of Office were to narrow for Japanese and Chinese date formats
  • Fixed an issue in the single person view mode where the lower panel was not updated when switching between people
  • Fixed an issue in the single person view mode where notices were not updated when switching between people
  • Fixed an issue where selecting "Show All" from the lower list of users selected would cause a failure if using a Safari browser in Mac OS
  • Fixed an issue in the Meeting Asssistant where selecting a user with MS Exchange as mail platform would result in an error
  • Fixed an issue where creating repeated resource reservation would fail in Chrome
  • Fixed an issue where the focus was lost in the Namepicker when adding external mail addresses


  • Fixed an issue where restricted custom fields were not working
  • Fixed an issue where fields values were not cleared when moving a user from beeing a Domino to an Exchange user
  • Fixed an issue where resources from MS Exchange were always shown as unavailable bacause of a backend issue



  • Removed support for dark design.


  • Removed support for mobile classic edition

Please note:

  • Support for OnTime Group Calendar API version 2 (APIVer=2) was removed in 4.5.0.
  • Support for Internet Explorer versions prior to version 11 has been removed for the OnTime Web Desktop
ontime_name Version 5.2.0

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