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Version 5.3.0



  • User input is now much more intuitive and modern
  • The top navigation bar has been reorganised and information about selected dates has been added
  • Users can now set the view parameters like row height, start / end time without opening the settings dialogue
  • Users can now create a private group quickly by selecting users in a view and then press the plus symbol under private group
  • Added reminders to OnTime from the personal calendar as read only
  • Added IBM Sametime awareness support
  • Added reminders from the personal calendar as read only
  • Improved results when searching for multiple words separated by spaces


  • Added invitee status for meetings
  • Added support for URL links in the body field which could for example be used to launch an e-meeting
  • Start / End hour is now an interface specific setting which can be configured from settings
  • Added option to notify host when booking in another person's calendar


  • This version introduces placeholder documents or in other draft invitations. If the use of placeholder documents is enabled in the configuration, Poll Owners will be able to see all the dates of the poll in their personal calendars and in OnTime. Once Poll Voters have indicated which timeslots are acceptable to them, these dates are added to their personal calendars. When the poll is completed, and the invitation has been sent out, the draft documents for both the owner and the voters are replaced by the actual invitation
  • If a user tries to close an open Poll using ESC the user is now prompted to save if changes were made
  • Added option to set an email footer for outgoing Polls
  • Improved wording of mails / notifications in most languages
  • Added support for customising the mail which is sent to the voters
  • Introduced an option to always direct internal users to the external voting page. This will handle situations where the users do not know their login credentials
  • When selecting invitees, Pollarity now checks if the database being searched in has a fulltext index. If a full text index does not exist, nothing is returned


In version 5.3 we are introducing three entirely new components

  • Connections Profiles Sidebar. This sidebar widget for IBM Connections profiles replaces the former widget for profiles. The new widget is based on the design of the OnTime Web Mobile
  • Connections Communities Sidebar. This sidebar widget for IBM Connections Communities replaces the former widget for Communities. The former widget was placed in the wide column in the middle whereas the new one only uses up the sidebar. However you can now launch the OnTime Connections desktop from the Communities Sidebar to get the full overview. The new widget is based on the design of the OnTime Web Mobile
  • Connections Desktop. The Connections Desktop is a modified version of the OnTime Web Desktop which provides a wide format overview of a community


  • Support for getting a specific Calendar entry by UserID + ApptUnID + RepIns


  • Added reminders to OnTime from the personal calendar as read only
  • Improved scaleability for the MS Exchange servlet
  • Support for installing servlets on Linux/64


In addition to the specific issues mentioned below we have fixed a number of minor stability issues


  • Room only booking displayed busy when room was actually unavailable due to other restrictions
  • Fixed an issue where failover situations were not handled correctly for the Desktop in general including Pollarity
  • Only first DisplayName was showed in view, if the view was set to RowHeight "high" and there was nothing in third DispName
  • When clicking OK on a meeting with comments, the comments disappeared until you pressed F9
  • Fixed an issue where the Body field was not correctly updated in the memory model
  • The detail viewer now uses the display name


  • Fixed an issue where Https links in the external voting interface failed

Please note:

  • Support for OnTime Group Calendar API version 2 (APIVer=2) was removed in 4.5.0
  • Support for Internet Explorer versions prior to version 11 has been removed for the OnTime Web Desktop
ontime_name Version 5.3.0

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