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Version 5.4.0



  • A completely redesigned left panel bar including icons, titles indicating which group and legend set is shown in the calendar view etc. Additionally, the entire panel can be minimised to allow more room for the calendar view
  • The Business Card has been expanded to show personal calendar and include increased functionality
  • All actions are now managed from the action bar below the top bar, allowing users to easily access all actions
  • The date picker has been made more manageable
  • The calendar view is allowed more space in the interface
  • The row height can be adjusted to allow more or less overlapping dates to show at once
  • When changing the width of the user column, the change is now saved and used in subsequent sessions
  • When creating a meeting invitation, it is now possible to click "Find Free Time" which will provide a list of possible time slots for the meeting.
  • Paging is no longer used in the viewer if a group has more than 200 users (was a configurable value) as standard
  • Enable Phone number with "CallTo" action to allow others to call you directly from their calendar
  • URL enable fields on Business Cards which leads others directly to important links regarding your information


  • New option to add a list of people to a poll at once by pasting a comma separated list
  • Developers can now direct URL to launch New Poll incl. invitees


  • When creating a meeting invitation, it is now possible to click "Find Free Time" which will provide a list of possible time slots for the meeting


  • The Broadcast database has been translated into German, Japanese, Dutch, Italian and French 


In addition to the specific issues mentioned below we have fixed a number of minor stability issues


  • Fixed an issue that would create an overflow error when 'Encrypt Texts' was enabled
  • Fixed an issue where the last Sunday in the picker was not displayed correctly in Pollarity, if the used had selected a different time zone than the local time zone when choosing another time zone
  • Fixed an issue where the user had to click twice to save an alarm setting when creating an entry
  • Fixed an error which could occur when first accepting an invitation to a repeated meeting and then then declining a single instance
  • Fixed an issue where the notification mail about a changed calendar entry to a calendar owner would show a duration of an additional day
  • Fixed an issue where new entries were not saved if the user clicked outside the active page and selected yes to save


  • Fixed an issue where conversion between alarm hours set in the web desktop were converted to minutes in the web mobile but displayed as hours
  • Fxed an issue where attendee status was not displayed for users from foreign mail domains


  • Fixed an issue where trying to find a time slot with no users selected did not show the correct number of available days
  • Fixed an issue where when voting and checking own availability, the conflict check would return red colour even if the proposed slot only conflicted with a pencil in entry
ontime_name Version 5.4.0

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