Why Anonymous and Default need Author access?


The reason for Anonymous to have Author access with create rights on the web database:

To solve the problem with people having to log in every time they open the OnTime GC Web database, be it in a browser on the computer or a phone or inside the notes platform, we created an alternative form of handling the authenticating of users.

When the user tries to open the web database for the first time, we check the local computer for a cookie. This cookie contains the Token which we are using to Authenticate the user. Since its the first time, the cookie wont be there, so the user will be presented with a normal login screen. When the user has provided his login credentials, a token will be generated and saved in a cookie for future use. A token document is also created in the Web database. This is why the user needs the Create Document rights. The next time the user opens the web database, the cookie provides the token for authentication, and the user will not be presented with the authentication screen again.

If the user logs out using the logout function in OnTime GC Web, the cookie is deleted and the user has to log in again, the next time the user opens the web database.

If the user hasn't used the web database for a month, the cookie will be too old, and again the user has to log in the next time the user opens the web database.

In the OnTime GC Database, the administrator can alter the token lifespan for each user. If its set to 2 days, then the user has to log in every 2 days. 


Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Posted in Web Interface