OnTime Group Calendar server cannot access mail databases in the cloud

When the OnTime Group Calendar server(s) cannot access the IBM Domino servers in the IBM Connections Cloud (IBM SmartCloud) and hence users cannot be synchronized it is usually due to one of the following:

  1. The ACL of the mail databases in IBM Connections Cloud is not configured correctly ie. the on-premises IBM Domino server may not open the mail databases in the cloud. 
  2. The access to IBM SmartCloud is attempted from a server which is not the designated passthru-server. When running IBM SmartCloud Notes Hybrid you designate a single IBM Domino server on-premises to be the passthru server to IBM Connections Cloud and all traffic has to flow through this server. If the server running OnTime Group Calendar is not the passthru-server or if you have multiple OnTime Group Calendar servers you need to make sure that traffic still flow through the passthru-server. This is configured using Passthru Connection Documents in your on-premises Domino Directory.


Monday, 07 September 2015 Posted in IBM Connections Cloud (IBM SmartCloud)