Missing Icons in the OnTime Mobile client?

If you are experiencing that the OnTime Mobile client is missing the top icons or they are shown as small squares with numbers, there is a possible solution to the problem.

On the Domino server, there is a file in the data directory called httpd.cnf. This holds the mapping to which file types the domino can understand. This file is not touched, when
the Domino server is upgraded, so if you have been continually upgrading from older versions, this file might not contain all the recent values.

An excerpt from this file may look like the following:

# Text formats
AddType .html text/html 8bit # HTML
AddType .htm text/html 8bit # HTML variant
AddType .htmls text/html 8bit # HTML w/ Server-side includes
AddType .shtml text/html 8bit # HTML w/ Server-side includes
AddType .css text/css 8bit # Cascading Style Sheet
AddType .xml text/xml 8bit # XML

If the type .css is missing here, the domino server returns a mime header as a binary file instead of a text/css type file and the browsers wont understand the format.
To solve the missing Icons problem, simply add the .css line to your httpd.cnf file and restart the http task on the domino server (restart task http).

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Posted in Mobile Interface