I get an error message in Notes when I need to test an upgrade

When you try and upgrade the widget in your Notes client because you need to test an upgrade from version X to version Y you get an error dialog in the Notes client and the widget isn't updated. The most likely cause is that you installed version X in your Notes client using a Domino desktop policy and you're trying to install version Y using drag'n'drop of version Y of the widget to your MyWidgets sidebar. This doesn't not work as it is disallowed by the Notes client to prevent users from changing widgets they get from widget catalog using policies.

To work around this you need to make sure that version X is not applied to you using policies (e.g. remove the policy from yourself) so it's removed from your Notes client. Once that has been done you can drag'n'drop the widget for version Y to your MyWidgets sidebar panel to test it. 

To replace version X with version Y for all users simply replace the widget in the widget catalog with version Y.

Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Posted in Notes Interface