Enable trace logging - version 4.2.x and older


Please note: The below applies only to version 4.2.x and older.

If instructed to enable trace logging for the OnTime Group Calendar - Social server side components follow the below steps:

  1. Log into the WebSphere ISC on the Deployment Manager
  2. From the lefthand menu select "Troubleshooting/Logs and trace"
  3. Click on the server running the "OnTime Group Calendar - Common" application (if multiple servers are in running the application the following steps need to be performed for each server running the application)
  4. Select "Change Log Detail Levels"
  5. Click the "Runtime" tab
  6. In the text box append ": com.ontimesuite.gc.social=all: dk.intravision.http=all: com.ontimesuite.gc2011.api.http=all" (please note the leading colon). 
    Please note: For most installations this means that the field value will now be "*=info: com.ontimesuite.gc.social=all: dk.intravision.http=all: com.ontimesuite.gc2011.api.http=all"
  7. Click Apply (a status message will appear at the top saying "Note: your specified trace string was optimized")

Reproduce the issue and send us the trace.log file which will be saved to the log directory of the server(s) in question.

Please note: You do not need to restart the WebSphere Application Server(s) to apply trace logging using the above approach.

Please note: Enabling trace logging will output LtpaTokens, usernames and passwords as clear text to the trace.log so please handle it appropriately.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014 Posted in IBM Connections UI's