Does OnTime Group Calendar - Social work with IBM Connections v. 5.5?

The short answer is "Yes!". The longer answer is that starting with IBM Connections v. 5.5 there is a new attribute which is required when configuring custom widgets such as OnTime Group Calendar - Social. The attribute needs to be added to the widgets-config.xml file and the declarations for the OnTime Group Calendar - Social widgets listed there. The attribute is called "themes" and describes the various locations that are valid for the widget meaning left column, middle column, right column and banner (new with v. 5.5). 

This is mainly an issue when upgrading a previous installation as the OnTime documentation has been updated to address this.

To fix an existing installation do as follows:

  1. Using wsadmin checkout the widget-config.xml file
  2. Locate each of the OnTime Group Calendar - Social widget declarations and add the "themes" attribute as applicable for each widget:
    1. Profiles: themes="wpthemeThin wpthemeNarrow wpthemeBanner wpthemeWide"
    2. Who Is Available: themes="wpthemeThin wpthemeNarrow wpthemeBanner wpThemeWide"
    3. Group Calendar: themes="wpthemeBanner wpthemeWide"
  3. Save and close the file and check the configuration back in
  4. Restart your WebSphere Application Server(s)

The various "themes" actually map to locations the widget may be dropped by the user as shown below (click the image for a large version):


For more information about the "themes" attribute see the IBM technote at

Tuesday, 26 January 2016 Posted in IBM Connections UI's