API logging - How do I enable it? (before v. 4.0.0)

Enabling API logging enables OnTime support to see what traffic is being sent between the OnTime Group Calendar clients (or API) and the OnTime Group Calendar server. Enabling API logging is done by following the steps below:

Please note: The approach described in this document was changed in v. 4.0

  1. Locate the OnTime Group Calendar Configuration database on your workspace and make sure you have the [Developer] role assigned to you in the ACL of the database. Please note that you may have to create the role if it hasn't yet been created.
  2. Open the OnTime Group Calendar Configuration database.
  3. Go to the "Server Settings" by clicking "Server Settings" at the top of the left hand navigator.
  4. Open the server settings document for the server you will be accessing to reproduce the issue (or just open the one server settings document if you only have one OnTime Group Calendar server).
  5. Bring the document into edit mode and check the "Log API Comm." check box on the lower right side of the form.
  6. Save and close the document.
  7. Now reproduce the issue and send the OnTime Group Calendar log database to OnTime support as arranged with us.

Remember to turn off API logging once the issue has been reproduced as having API logging enabled may affect the performance of your server.


Monday, 01 June 2015 Posted in Administration