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API - Is there an API Explorer to help me learn the API?


The API Explorer is probably the easiest way to work with and learn the API. The API Explorer can be found online at http://demo.ontimesuite.com/apiexplorer (username: demo, password: demo) but this of course works on a set of demo data. To use the API Explorer in your own environment open the API Explorer from your web database by opening the following URL http://<hostname>/ontime/ontimegcweb.nsf/APIExplorer (given that the OnTime Group Calendar client database can be found in /ontime/ontimegcweb.nsf. Also please substitute <hostname> with the actual hostname of the server hosting your OnTime Group Calendar client database.

Please note: In versions prior to version 3.1.3 contains a slightly outdated API Explorer. If you running version 3.1.2 or newer please contact Support to obtain the latest version. The API Explorer will be current from version 3.1.3 and onwards.


Tuesday, 28 October 2014 Posted in Development