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Meeting Manager - ver 9.4.2

New Features

  • Alarm support
  • Rename of Joined Room now available
  • Reschedule notice to invitees now a choice when saving a meeting with prep-/cleanup time enabled (Room w/flex prep-/cleanup time only)
  • Catering item description in item dialog when placing an order
  • Expose settings for Show/Hide weekends in the UI

Bug Fixes

  • The "Menu" view now displays correctly when using AM/PM
  • Pencil in from Notes calendar or OnTimeGC will not be overwritten when making changes from MM
  • Configuration of views to be enabled in application now displays "standard label" for custom views that has not been named
  • FYI is now displayed correctly in Notes calendar
  • Validation now including prep-time when extending the room reservation using flexible prep-/cleanup time
  • Other minor bug fixes  

Meeting Manager - ver 9.4.1

Bug Fixes

  • Minor bug fixes
  • Update to tasks
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  • 2