Feature Compare

User Features

logo ms
MS Outlook
logo ontime
Group Calendar
Graphical calendar views
Views configureable on the fly limited
24-hour Zoom (for global overview) limited
Time-off Views (holidays planing)  
Quick Search in View  
Advanced Search (name, department, title, categories and event subject)  
Easy access to calendar details
Find available time for Meetings
Ad-hoc Groups (private)
Groups (public)  


Create Events
Create Events "On-behalf-of"  
Find available Rooms & Resources
Drag to Create new Calendar Events  
Drag'n Drop to move existing Calendar Events in one calendar


Legend (Definition, Colour, Filter)  
Business Card  
Language support for:
Danish, English, German, Japanese and Swedish
Mobile solution for phones and tablets (add-on)  


Admin Features

logo ms
MS Outlook
logo ontime
Group Calendar
Configuration (manual - user only)
Configuration (automated - both central and user specific)  
Real-Time sync  
Scalability (support for +5.000 users in one calendar)  
Multilingual support (central configuration of default language/region)  
Open API - integrate with your business solutions (add-on)  
Image source configuration (Active Directory)
Multi email platform support (MS Exchange & MS Office 365)