Feature Compare

User Features

logo ms
MS Outlook
logo ontime
Group Calendar
Graphical calendar views
Views configureable on the fly  
24-hour Zoom (for global overview)  
Time-off Views (holidays planing)  
Quick Filter (show only selected)  
Easy access to calendar details  
Find available time for Meetings
Groups (private)
Groups (public)  
Advanced search (name, department, title and event subject)  


Create Events
Create Events "On-behalf-of"  
Find available Rooms & Resources
Drag to Create new Calendar Events  
Drag'n Drop to move existing Calendar Events in one calendar


Legend (Definition, Colour, Filter)  
Business Card  
Language support for:
Danish, English, German, Japanese and Swedish
Mobile solution for phones and tablets (add-on)  


Admin Features

logo ms
MS Outlook
logo ontime
Group Calendar
Configuration (manual - user only)
Configuration (automated - both central and user specific)  
Real-Time sync  
Scalability (support for +5.000 users in one calendar)  
Multilingual support (central configuration of default language/region)  
Open API - integrate with your business solutions (add-on)  
Image source configuration (Active Directory)
Multi email platform support (MS Exchange & MS Office 365)