OnTime® for Notes


Superior Scheduling Power
Fully Integrated in your IBM Notes Client.

    Feature Rich, Graphical and User Friendly

    This native Notes client has a graphically rich, user-friendly, drag-and-drop group calendar interface including Lotus Sametime integration.
    This will allow the user the full overview and coordination skills to make decissions much faster.

    Supported on Win and Mac for Lotus Notes 8.5x Standard and above.

    What can you do?

    Central Features

    • Views


      The horizontal graphic views gives you the perfect tool to gain overview and find available people and resources in your organisation easily. Choosing between day, x days, week, 2 weeks or the specialised Vacation overview.

      Navigation is intuitive and easy - Type ahead to move to the person you are looking for and use the timeline, date picker or simply the arrows on your keyboard to move around in time.

    • Groups


      The Groups area displays a combination of your organisational structure (departments/locations/project groups) and your own personal groups for example to be used for your add-hoc needs.

      This allows you to move your focus between departments and teams with just one click.

    • Legends


      A subject is not always enough. Get a better understanding of what your colleagues are doing by using Legends to define meaning by colours.

      You can also filter your Legends in order to focus on the right subject matter. 

    • Notices

      Full Notice Centre

      OnTime supports a full notice center feeding you with updates on new invitations, re-scheduling, and other information updates.

    • Business Card

      Business Cards

      Know more about who you are looking at. OnTime® gives you the necessary personal information and the actions you need to move forward (book appointments, send an e-mail or make a phone message).

      Additionally, you can handle the person's Out Of Office directly from OnTime.

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