OnTime® Mobile


Mobilise your Workforce
Overview and Coordinate with your Co-workers, Wherever you Are.

    Group Calendaring and Mobility brought together

    You need to be able to find the right people at the right time even when you’re out of the office or away from your computer.

    The OnTime® Mobile grants instant access to the people in your organisation and their calendars, and it gives you a clear picture of their availability. Therefore you can now coordinate and schedule your co-workers’ activities at the right time, wherever you are. With secure access to your corporate network, a simple user interface, and the tools you need to find, add and delete contacts, arrange appointments or find a good time to talk,
    OnTime® Mobile is ready to go to work.

    What can you do?

    Interface & Features

    • Views

      1-day or 3-days views

      View any group in your organisation. The perfect place to start your day getting a status of your team.

      View people by 1 day (vertical) or by 3 days (horizontal).

    • Search

      Advanced Search

      Find what you are looking for easily. Just search for name, department or subject and act directly to be on top of the situation.

    • Groups

      Group Filter

      Switch between all your public and privately made groups in OnTime. Moving your focus between departments and teams is just a click away.

    • Business Card

      Business Card

      Look-up any person in your organisation. Contact the colleague is just one click away. No need to have the entire organisation in your private address book.

    • Create

      Handle appointments and meetings

      Handle your appointments and meetings directly from your mobile device.
      Make your own meeting with invitees or even book on-behalf-of your boss.

      Support for Private appointments available.

    Why not try it Now?

    Get your own experience with using OnTime Mobile.

    Just go to our online demo where you can try it out yourself. It is also perfect if you want to show it to a colleague before you are ready for a full trial (http://demo.ontimesuite.com/mobile).


    mobile image1

    Supporting All Major Smartphones


    Since it is build on web technology ;)

    The OnTime® Mobile Calendar is fully compatible with any Smart Phone running in a JavaScript supported and built-in web browser.

    The Mobile Calendar needs at least a 320-pixel wide screen, and it supports mobile devices from:
    Apple’s iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile, Blackberry to Nokia, Motorola etc.